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The world of business and leisure travel is merging more and more every day. The shift toward “bleisure” travel has created a new trend with travel warriors, blending business and productivity with the opportunity for new adventures, personal exploration as well as more time with their families.

Gone are the days when business travel consisted of arriving to a business destination and returning home as quickly as possible. Bleisure travelers are now taking advantage of this time away to explore their various destinations, opening them up to a host of new experiences to expand their horizons. Innovations in technology, such as checking into hotels and airlines from a mobile device to using in-flight Wi-Fi, allow the traveler to be more efficient with the additional time they have.

When business travelers are spending the majority of their time on the road, the opportunity to extend their trip by a day or two allows them to see different parts of the world they may not have been able to see otherwise. Opportunities to increase their productivity time while traveling allow for more time to engross themselves in their various destinations. According to a study by Virgin Atlantic, 9 out of 10 business travelers mix pleasure into every business trip they take.

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In the past, business travelers have experienced the stresses felt on their families while on the road. According to BridgeStreet Global Hospitality’s Bleisure Report, six out of 10 travelers are away from home on business 10 or more days per year, with two of those travelers away for 60+ days. Now more than half of business travelers bring a family member or significant other along with them, cutting down on that stress.

What do business owners and travel managers think of all these trends? It’s hard to say, but one could argue it makes for a more rounded employee that feels less of the personal strain felt away from their loved ones. As a matter of fact, the same report showed that 96 percent of respondents believe they gain cultural experience/knowledge through bleisure trips, thus creating a more rounded employee.

The benefits of bleisure travel seem to outweigh the negatives, but only time will tell. It just makes us wonder, will this lead to a new fashion trend as well…the bleisure suit? Stay tuned.

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