Travel Toolkit

Keeping you the smartest traveler in the game…

We have a range of resources available in our Travel Toolkit to provide you with a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Travel Toolkit

Conversion Tools

From ensuring you arrive on time to making sure you get the right change back from the restaurant, these handy conversion tools are a must for the business traveler….

  • Currency Converter Keep accurate track of expenses and budget for overseas travel with this handy currency converter.
  • Unit Converter Use the Unit Converter to make adjusting to foreign environments easier.
  • Time Zone Converter No matter where you are in the world, stay on schedule with The Time Converter.

Travel Safety & Security

The savvy business traveler is always aware of their surroundings; stay safe by keeping in the know and use these useful online links to ensure your security while at home and abroad…

Health & Immunization


Don’t succumb to an avoidable illness and make sure you’re properly protected for the destinations you need to visit; check what shots you’re going to need before you travel…

Wifi Locations

With WiFi available across the globe, you can stay connected while you travel; use our handy wifi-locator to ensure you’re never offline…

Travel Information

Be a step ahead of the crowd by knowing how much time to allow for checkin, the best places to park and plan your trip to perfection…

Passenger Rights

A summary of your rights as a passenger, along with helpful tips and contact information if you are stranded on an aircraft.

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