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Top 5 Worst Travel Nightmares

Traveling invokes all sorts of anxieties, with endless possibilities of things that could go wrong. Really, what’s the worst that could happen? In the spirit of Halloween, we imagined the most harrowing nightmare scenarios you could face while traveling. If nothing else, these may make your own travel woes pale in comparison! Food poisoning Who […]

Protect Your Organization’s Most Valued Asset

Your staff is the single most valuable asset to your organization. Therefore, when your employees travel, it is critical that you are assured of their safety at all times. The first step is to inform your travelers on precautionary measures in a crisis; however, these measures only cover the major risks associated with business travel […]

According to the GBTA, 80% of business travelers believe that their company has a legal obligation to ensure their safety while traveling abroad on business – and 52% would consider legal action if they were not supported properly. An important part of that support is tracking travelers’ locations to offer support in an emergency – this […]

Former Assistant Security Director – Regulatory Compliance for the US Department of Homeland Security joins ATG FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – New Albany, OH – ATG (AllStars Travel Group), an international, globally recognized, travel management company, has announced Kim Doran as Director of Risk Management, Security & Compliance, effective immediately. Kim brings an extensive background in […]