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5 Steps to a Sustainable Travel Program

The five steps to a successful, sustainable travel program are: Align the travel program with your company’s key corporate sustainability objectives. Seek out environmental experts in your company. Collect CO2 data from key suppliers as well as TMCs, online self-booking tool providers and credit card companies. Define a high-level set of goals and objectives in line […]

Top 5 Worst Travel Nightmares

Traveling invokes all sorts of anxieties, with endless possibilities of things that could go wrong. Really, what’s the worst that could happen? In the spirit of Halloween, we imagined the most harrowing nightmare scenarios you could face while traveling. If nothing else, these may make your own travel woes pale in comparison! Food poisoning Who […]

The world of business travel can be exciting, productive and profitable; reconciling post trip reports can be a nightmare. Sifting through expense reports and other payment data can be very time-consuming for travel managers, with an average of 40 hours of internal resource time spent on the task each month. Today, more and more companies […]

Reducing the Risk: Are you Crisis Ready?

Accidents of all kinds can be stressful and scary. However, when you’re overseas traveling for business, these situations can escalate quickly. Between flight delays and detoured travel routes, the stress can accumulate quickly. Reduce the impact crises can have with these precautionary tips. Airline Delays and Cancellations Flight delays and cancellations are inevitable for a […]

5 Must Have Travel Apps

The life of a business traveler can be both exciting and stressful. When you are on the road it’s important to know the best tools and tricks to make traveling less hectic. Here are our top picks to make your next trip go a little more smoothly. Plan Our favorite app for keeping track of […]

ATG’s “Official” Tips to Surviving Long Flights

The anticipation of travel brings a plethora of emotions for any business traveler. The initial excitement for the upcoming events and the opportunity to explore new cities and culture are often met with dread of the exhausting process involved in traveling. Spending the majority of a day squeezed into a tight space with roughly 300 […]

5 Model Travel Companions, Are You One of Them?

We often hear of the person or group that makes airplane travel miserable. While people often report the negative, we have found there are some people who grace our flights that simply make traveling easier. We put together a list of five types of people who make traveling more enjoyable for everyone. Let’s take a […]

Don’t Let Jet Lag Drag You Down

  We’ve all been there. After 6 hours on a plane, you arrive at a conference or event with a million things to do – and all you want to do is SLEEP. Traveling across times zones often causes these irritating and inconvenient symptoms of fatigue or insomnia we call jet lag. Jet lag is […]

Trending Now…Bleisure Travel

The world of business and leisure travel is merging more and more every day. The shift toward “bleisure” travel has created a new trend with travel warriors, blending business and productivity with the opportunity for new adventures, personal exploration as well as more time with their families. Gone are the days when business travel consisted […]