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Accidents of all kinds can be stressful and scary. However, when you’re overseas traveling for business, these situations can escalate quickly. Between flight delays and detoured travel routes, the stress can accumulate quickly. Reduce the impact crises can have with these precautionary tips.

Airline Delays and Cancellations

Flight delays and cancellations are inevitable for a multitude of reasons. However, they do not always solely require an administrative response. You may need to consider safety, transport, security threats, government response and widespread suspension of services to maintain safety of your travelers.

When everyone no longer has access to air travel, make sure you have a backup plan via trains, buses and key roads if possible. Make your plan a part of your immediate decision making process.

Weather and Natural Disasters

Weather and natural forces have always and will always continue to impact travelers. It is pertinent to prepare travelers on how to react after typhoons, floods, earthquakes and generally poor weather conditions.

ATG Travel has procedures in place for the unpredicted impact the weather can have on travel and our Customer Coaches are available around-the-clock if our travelers need assistance with travel arrangements. We’ll evaluate your location and its condition and determine the best way to move you quickly to the nearest safe location.

Crime and Lost or Stolen Property

Crimes are a reality of any city in the world. Knowing how to react in these unexpected emergencies is key in these situations. The loss of phones, money, passports and other items may seem less likely to constitute a crisis but when overseas, injured or not able to speak the local language, these events can create a major concern for business travelers.

Always begin at the local police station in these situations. According to the TSA, not having an ID does not necessarily mean you won’t be allowed to fly, so don’t panic over future travel plans. When it comes to your passport, file a police report ASAP, locate your nearest embassy or consulate if overseas and apply for a new passport. Your temporary passport should be ready within 24 hours of application. To potentially expedite the process, keep an extra copy of your passport with you in a safe place.

Any event that alters the political stability or safety of a group of people can be scary. Whether they happen spontaneously or take time to develop, make sure you know the immediate dangers and the ongoing disruption that a crisis can have on your travel plans.

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