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Our Top Infographics of 2015

5 Steps To A Sustainable Travel Program A sustainable travel program is a key element of a successful travel program. Align, collect, define, create, and implement are the five key steps that will help you in ensuring sustainability. Use this infographic as guidance in making sure your travel program is sustainable for 2016 and beyond. […]

Managing The Maverick Traveler

INFORMATION: An Important Key to Program Compliance A recent survey conducted by Rockbridge Associates showed that out-of-policy travelers spent an average of $2,881 more per year than “in-policy” travelers. Multiply that across your enterprise, and those maverick buys can increase your travel costs by as much as 15% annually. Travel professionals have a host of […]

COLUMBUS — Global businesses are evaluating travel plans in the wake of Friday’s deadly attacks. A Columbus-based travel management company, AllStars Travel Group, said mission critical travel has not slowed down. In fact, CEO Tammy Krings said clients seem to be saying “we aren’t going to allow the terrorists to disrupt our business.” View full […]

Paris Travel Alert

As the result of the terrorist attacks on Paris, ATG strongly recommends deferment of travel to Paris for the next 72 hours, at which time we will reassess the situation and advise accordingly. ATG has completed outreach procedures to secure ATG customers currently in Paris. If you are an ATG customer currently traveling in Paris […]

The five steps to a successful, sustainable travel program are: Align the travel program with your company’s key corporate sustainability objectives. Seek out environmental experts in your company. Collect CO2 data from key suppliers as well as TMCs, online self-booking tool providers and credit card companies. Define a high-level set of goals and objectives in line […]

Coordinating vendor programs for our clients is one of our top priorities.  We strive to make sure the companies we utilize as vendors understand our goals and strive for the high quality service levels and results that ATG does.  That is why having someone like Georgianna Huffman on your side is very important.  Recently we sat down […]

Don’t Forget To Fall Back This Weekend

As we get ready to “Fall Back” this weekend, it’s important to remember not all countries recognize Daylight Savings Time.   Be sure to check the timezone you’re going to before heading out on your next trip.  

Top 5 Worst Travel Nightmares

Traveling invokes all sorts of anxieties, with endless possibilities of things that could go wrong. Really, what’s the worst that could happen? In the spirit of Halloween, we imagined the most harrowing nightmare scenarios you could face while traveling. If nothing else, these may make your own travel woes pale in comparison! Food poisoning Who […]

ATG Global Travel Summit Is Underway

Greetings from Hawaii! The annual ATG 2015 Global Travel Summit kicked off Monday at the Grand Wailea on the beautiful island of Hawaii. The Grand Wailea is nestled on 40 acres of lush tropical gardens fronting Wailea Beach providing the perfect location for this important annual event.  ATG partners from across the globe have gathered for three […]