Meet ATG's Vendors Program Manager - Georgianna Huffman - ATG

Coordinating vendor programs for our clients is one of our top priorities.  We strive to make sure the companies we utilize as vendors understand our goals and strive for the high quality service levels and results that ATG does.  That is why having someone like Georgianna Huffman on your side is very important.  Recently we sat down with Georgianna, or “Georgy” as we call her, to find out more about what goes in to being the ATG Vendors Program Manager.  Here’s a look at our conversation:

ATG: How long have you been with ATG?

Georgy: December 2013

ATG: What exactly is your role at ATG?

Georgy: I look at opportunities in the industry to save money for our clients through strategic partnerships in air, car and hotel.

ATG: What is your background?

Georgy: I have been in the travel industry for over 30 years working on the TMC side and also as a Travel Manager for CompuServe, WorldCom and AEP.

ATG: How does ATG choose the vendors they partner with?

Georgy: Saving money is important so one factor is price.  But other factors that play an important part in a partnership are service, quality and the alignment of our companies.  We want vendors that are looking out for our clients and take an interest in our long-term success.

ATG: Is it a challenge to have travelers stay with vendor partners over others they book with based on their personal preferences?

Georgy: Each Company has their preferred vendors due to the markets they visit.  We try to encourage companies to listen to travelers and work with vendors that are meeting the needs of their traveler.  We have many vendors that work well with the needs of our clients so it’s a win-win relationship for all.

ATG: What makes a good vendor partner? 

Georgy: One that understand our goals, business vision and communicates those expectations to our customers.  We focus on growing long-term relationships that are sustainable, innovative and create joint value.

ATG: What’s your favorite thing about working at ATG?

Georgy: The people!

Thanks for all that you do Georgy.  Keep up the great work!

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