International Business Travel Brisk Despite Terror Attacks - ATG

COLUMBUS — Global businesses are evaluating travel plans in the wake of Friday’s deadly attacks. A Columbus-based travel management company, AllStars Travel Group, said mission critical travel has not slowed down. In fact, CEO Tammy Krings said clients seem to be saying “we aren’t going to allow the terrorists to disrupt our business.”

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ATG serves about 2,200 clients in 71 countries and it’s been “all hands on deck” since the attacks on Friday. ATG is tracking every reservation for safety and security, and sending frequent travel alerts to customers. “If they are not in a safe place, we help get them there,” said Krings.

ATG had 184 travelers in Paris during the terror attacks. Krings said while they are still grieving for the dead and injured, they are answering the needs of clients who still want to fly. “Business as usual, if we don’t do that, we give in to the fear,” said Krings.

Travel managers remind clients to remain vigilante. They try to set up travelers to stay safe. “We typically don’t allow bookings in a hotel to be above a certain floor, we don’t put people next to an elevator,” said Krings.

ATG said business travel normally slows down during the holidays, but their call-stats have been up these last few days, not from people canceling business reservations, but setting up trips.

Travel anxiety is showing up beyond France, and while threats have been made on Washington and the United States, many appear to consider terrorism almost a routine risk now. “We would be extraordinarily naive to think the U S is immune to any of these attacks,” warned Krings.

“It’s a balance right, how can you be prepared without being paranoid?

I think if you are right on the cusp of that, the paranoia, you are probably where you need to be.”

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