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Business Travelers Demand Centralized Travel Platform

Today’s travelers prefer a single, central booking platform that focuses on quality, convenience and options. The recent KDS survey of 1,216 UK and US based travelers once again confirms this undeniable reality. The survey also focuses on how much time each employee spends submitting manual expense reports, emphasizing the importance of integrating expense tools into your travel […]

Why A TMC Is A Vital Business Tool

Vital Business Tool Infographic In today’s business travel climate, Travel Managers are looking to ensure that company travel policies and procedures are consistently adhered to. A Travel Management Company (TMC) can not only provide guidance with policy adherence, but also provide a comprehensive Duty of Care program to ensure travelers are always well-served. Knowing that […]

Top Travel Manager Priorities

Top Travel Manager Priorities For The Next 5 Years The GBTA Foundation did a recent study analyzing the current corporate travel landscape with a focus on how Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are adapting in today’s changing world. TMCs serve companies and business travelers every day so it’s important that companies match with the right TMC […]

Our Top Infographics of 2015

5 Steps To A Sustainable Travel Program A sustainable travel program is a key element of a successful travel program. Align, collect, define, create, and implement are the five key steps that will help you in ensuring sustainability. Use this infographic as guidance in making sure your travel program is sustainable for 2016 and beyond. […]

5 Steps to a Sustainable Travel Program

The five steps to a successful, sustainable travel program are: Align the travel program with your company’s key corporate sustainability objectives. Seek out environmental experts in your company. Collect CO2 data from key suppliers as well as TMCs, online self-booking tool providers and credit card companies. Define a high-level set of goals and objectives in line […]

Don’t Forget To Fall Back This Weekend

As we get ready to “Fall Back” this weekend, it’s important to remember not all countries recognize Daylight Savings Time.   Be sure to check the timezone you’re going to before heading out on your next trip.  

Flying Etiquette

Following these 8 simple rules will help ensure you and your fellow passengers have a smooth trip on your next flight. 1. Pay attention and think ahead before going through security. Be prepared and quickly collect your belongings. 2. Avoid strong perfumes, colognes, and fragrant foods. 3. Don’t force conversations on other passengers. If you […]

The anticipation of travel brings a plethora of emotions for any business traveler. The initial excitement for the upcoming events and the opportunity to explore new cities and culture are often met with dread of the exhausting process involved in traveling. Spending the majority of a day squeezed into a tight space with roughly 300 […]