Find out more about how we work together to deliver the very best Travel Management solutions for all our clients.

What if you could have one global platform for all of your travel technology needs?

The Game Plan:

  • A Global single sign-on Travel Vortal with dozens of traveler and travel manager “apps” available in 20+ languages
  • A Global HR Feed
  • A Global Asset Management / Unused Ticket Tracking

What if you could consolidate all of your global data into a single reporting database?

The Game Plan:

  • A Global PNR & records architecture
  • A Global MIS infrastructure

What if you could have complete visibility to the whereabouts of your travelers in real time?

The Game Plan:

  • Our Global Guardian Services track travelers throughout the world, issues high-risk travel alerts and provides mobile alerts advising travelers of flight status
  • Our Global Disaster Recovery Program is in place for emergency response and repatriation

What if you could buy airline tickets in a far away country at a cheaper rate without currency complications?

The Game Plan:

  • Our Global International Rate Desk provides fast, integrated and efficient access to global fare content, availability and discounts

What if you had a beyond-any-class agency to deliver on these promises?

The Game Plan:

  • Global Around-the-Clock service
  • Global Account Manager with Regional and Local Account Management support
  • Global discounted Air, Hotel, Car Rental programs
  • Global Apartment Services
  • Global Service Level Agreement with Mission Specific Effectiveness and Operational Efficiency
  • Global concierge VIP services for your highest level executives
  • A Global program with local relevance to nurture the cultural differences and dynamics required in each of your markets

What if you want best of breed service in each country your organisation operates?

You got it… with your tailored All Star Team!

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