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The five steps to a successful, sustainable travel program are:

  1. Align the travel program with your company’s key corporate sustainability objectives. Seek out environmental experts in your company.
  2. Collect CO2 data from key suppliers as well as TMCs, online self-booking tool providers and credit card companies.
  3. Define a high-level set of goals and objectives in line with your company’s current environment policy. T
  4. Create a program which identifies ways to minimize business travel & meetings emissions. Options include:
    • Manage: manage the demand for travel.
    • Reduce: choose lower carbon options to reduce the number of emissions per trip.
    • Compensate: invest in carbon offsets to compensate for the emissions produced.
  5. Implement the program. Don’t skimp on resources and be prepared to invest over a sustained period. Integrate and align new travel procedures to ensure business-as-usual.

Source: GBTA

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