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We often hear of the person or group that makes airplane travel miserable. While people often report the negative, we have found there are some people who grace our flights that simply make traveling easier. We put together a list of five types of people who make traveling more enjoyable for everyone. Let’s take a moment to recognize them; maybe it’s you!

1.    The patriotic passenger

A small act of generosity goes a long way in saying “thank you”. It is always refreshing to see a passenger offer their first class seat to returning military personnel so that they may have nice ride home after serving our country. We salute this first class act.

2.    Entertaining flight attendants

The pre-flight safety review is a requirement for all airlines. For frequent fliers, the speech can become mundane. It is always a pleasure when flight attendants spice up the speech with a stand-up comedy routine or musical rendition. Not only does the act lighten the mood and calm nerves, it ensures that all passengers are paying attention to the critical safety information provided.

3.    The sympathetic stranger

Seat assignments can sometimes be luck of the draw, especially if other passengers have requested specific seats. This can lead to families or couples being separated on the flight. Kudos to you, the sympathetic stranger, who gives up their seat (especially their window or aisle seat) to keep these traveling companions together.

4.    The tall traveler

Storing carry-on luggage in the overhead bins is great for providing additional legroom. However, storing the bags pre-flight and getting them down post-flight can be tricky, especially for those more vertically challenged than others. A huge thank you to the kind, taller passengers, who graciously assist in storing and retrieving the bags stored overhead. You have saved many headaches- literally and figuratively!

5.    Organized pros

Going through security is a necessity than can sometimes put a small wrinkle in your timeline. The organized, professional travelers help speed up the process while modeling how to breeze through security for the less experienced traveler. They already have their shoes and belts off, their laptops in the bins, all metals removed, their liquids in a quart-sized Ziploc bag, and their boarding passes in hand, ready for inspection in seconds.

Which type of travel companion has made your flight more enjoyable? Give them a shout out in our comments section to let them know they are appreciated!

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